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Welcome to Snail Tales — the place to visit for stories that stay with you! We are a team of oral storytellers who share the power of story that has entranced audiences since the dawn of speech. Our tellers are the face of the Oxford Reading Tree. To find out more, click the links below...


UK and Turkey to Change Education for the Better

22nd January 2014
Last week we embarked upon an exciting project with huge potential for shaping the future of education across Europe, supported the British Council and the European Union...

PoPWoW Pops Out to Wow Audiences!

6th October 2013
Our new touring production has already had theatres howling with laughter and bouncing with excitement... Find out why here!

Snail Tales at Greenbelt 2013

1st July
Snail Tales will return to Greenbelt Festival this year to help them celebrate their 40th anniversary! Click here for details, including the prizes for winning our unique storytelling game show, All the Better to EAT You With...!

UK Government says it has no care about the future

20th June 2013
Despite all the research confirming that skills in speaking, listening and creativity are fundamental to development, Education Minister Gove is removing these elements from the National Curriculum. Implore him to stop with these petitions!

Snail Tales in Buenos Aires

10th June 2013
One of our chief storytellers, Chip Colquhoun, is spending a month touring the Latin American country of Argentina to share stories with primary and secondary students.

New show announced

Hooray! We can now reveal the title of our 4th UK theatre tour, soon to delight audiences with more wacky tales made by kids aged 7–11: A Pinch of Pickle, a Whisk of Wise!

Want our storytellers in your school for free?

This term, we are announcing a new set of discounts designed to make storytelling even more cost-effective for schools. As cost-effective as it gets – £0!

Why the Moon leaves the sky...

6th April 2013
Storytellers, sages and scientists have long thought over this question – but the audience at the Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough gave us the definitive answer!

Creative Cheshire

24th March 2013
In our second visit to Cheshire with our storytelling show of brand new folktales, yet another two audiences delight us by improvising some incredible characters and plots.

Beasts, Balloons and Burning Oranges

15th March 2013
Our storytellers visited north Lincolnshire this week and collected three brand new folktales inspired by magical transformations, killer robots... and citrus fruit!

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Snail Tales – storytelling magic that stays with you

What is Snail Tales?

Snail Tales is a team of oral storytellers who take the spellbinding oral tradition that has entertained and enriched lives since language began, and blend it with magic, puppetry, song... and plenty of joining in. With folktales old, new, and soon to be, look forward to a fun, creative, and unforgettable adventure.

Our storytellers are the face of the new Oxford University Press Reading Tree, and a number of our projects have been supported by the Arts Council, the John Thaw Foundation, and many local authorities UK-wide. For examples of the great feedback we've received from school, theatre and festival audiences all over the world, please click here.

Storytelling is a great way to improve the imagination, which is the facet that most clearly distinguishes humans from animals, and is at the heart of several key transferable skills including hypothesising, problem-solving, decision-making, empathy, ambition, and motivation. That's why our motif is a snail...

...good storytelling is magic that stays with you for life.